Common areas

You are free to use the common areas as you see fit. There is one common dining room/living room where people go to eat, chat or hang out in general.

The TV room is always free for use. There is a projector coupled with a computer. If you want to book the TV room and its accompanying equipment,  you need to put a sign outside the door; whomever reserves it first gets it.

The ‘party basement’ is also free for use. It has a pool table, plenty of space and a computer hooked up to a mixer with two speakers, so that people can play music. The dorm has a party committee which plans and holds parties and other events that usually take place in the ‘party basement’ – please do ask around if you wish to join the committee.

Per the regulations, you are asked to be courteous after 2300(11PM) hours, if you wish to peruse the common areas and kitchens.


Every hall has a kitchen. Each kitchen has specific rules in relation to how the cleaning and other kitchen related issues are handled. In general, as long as you use common sense and conduct yourself in a courteous manner there won’t be any problems. Talk to a resident from your hall if you have any questions.

Outside areas

Every resident has access to the basement workshop and a locked bicycle shed. In addition to that, we have a large barbecue which is for all residents to freely use. Usually we plan around using it, sometimes it just happens.

The washing room

One wash costs one danish 5 krone coin, or one of the washing tokens that Leif has. (The exchange rate for a token is 5 danish krones, so you’re paying the same). Using the dryer costs the same. So if you want to wash and dry, it’ll cost you 10 danish krones in total. We only have 2 washing machines, so be courteous and please watch how much soap you use. If the machines break, speak to another resident or alternatively find Leif. As a rule, you are only allowed to have your clothes drying in the washing room for 3 days at a time. Remember to clean the lint filter and empty the water container in the dryer after use.

Facebook group

The dorm has a facebook group. A lot of news and information is posted on it. You can also use the forum to ask about anything and everything. Important news is also posted on the fridges in the kitchen areas.


Other practical information

There are a lot of shopping opportunities. Fakta is 800 meters from the dorm. Lidl is even closer.

Busses come and go just outside the dorm. Bus line 2 leaves every 8 or 15 minutes. Bus 22 is the evening bus, before the night bus. Bus 54 and 5 also leaves from here.

Fitness center, pharmacy, library and physiotherapist are located on ‘Grønlands Torv’ a stone’s throw away.

Useful Danish phrases link